SanGeniX is Persistent Systems' solution for analyzing and visualizing NGS data. SanGeniX is a web based NGS data analysis suite with a highly intuitive user interface where data processing can be achieved through �SanGeniX Titanium and Platinum� � a lite desktop and cluster edition respectively. SanGeniX integrates multiple robust and validated algorithms in the form of predefined workflows and offers flexibility to construct custom workflows.

Current available workflows:
  • Genome variant detection
  • Transcriptome profiling,
  • ChIPSeq,
  • Denovo genome assembly and
  • Transcriptome
The application supports all major NGS platforms, such as Illumina, SOLiD, Ion Torrent, 454 and Pac Bio.
Product Versions

  • SanGenix Titanium � Single Machine or Multi-machine (Client server based)
  • SanGeniX Platinum � Cluster Deployment (Client Server Based)
  • SanGeniX Cloud Version
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Services provided by Persistent Labs:

Persistent Lab�s team provides bioinformatics data analyses, interpretation and customized solution to researchers in academia and industries. We have established a strong group of genomics scientists, computational biologists and bioinformaticians who help in designing strategy to carry out complex NGS analyses.The core group is also involved in constantly improving pipelines based upon best practices guidelines for developing expertise in genomic data analyses and interpretation.

List of our data analysis services:
  • Quality check of the data
  • Genome variant detection
  • ChIP sequencing data analysis
  • Transcriptome profiling study
  • De novo and reference based assembly analysis
  • Small RNA analyses
  • Multi-omic data integration

Expertise and Infrastructure
  • Team of qualified and experienced analysts offering customized services and training
  • Expertise in cloud computing, cloud hosting and other deployments
  • Multiple high performance servers to handle growing NGS data
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SanGenix: Sequencing Life

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